The role of the teacher

Howard Gardner’s blog “Disciplined mind” Gardner eloquently argues that the purpose of education should be to enhance students’ deep understanding of truth (and falsity), beauty (and ugliness), and goodness (and evil) as defined by their various cultures.

I would like this to be my pedagogical philosophy as well. Thank You Howard……

Education most of the time concentrates on how we are going to deliver learning when we should be concentrating on the process of learning. Learning is a change in something, a new skill, new facts that we didn’t have before. People learn differently, some visually, some listen better than others, some need to read and write it down all this needs to be taken into consideration as an educator.

learning style

It would be good to map out what sort of teaching objectives I have and this would have to be “a work in progress” I’m afraid as I no longer teach but my previous objectives were for the students to have fun whilst learning, to feel confident, that they do their own critical thinking and come away with problem solving strategies. The main principles would have to include active learning activities.

How would I do this?

I would certainly take into consideration the different learning styles that my students have and develop the course using different techniques both online and face to face, exercises both individual and in groups/workshops and peer to peer, (having students interact with other students). I would try to form connections between the students and myself by using my previous knowledge and personal experiences and listening to their own personal and classroom experiences.

Measure effectiveness

I would want to measure the students outcomes, say if problem solving skills is one area that I think is important for them to learn then I would test their skills in this area.

Why a teacher?

Sometimes when the course planning nights were long and wallet short of the green stuff what kept me going was the odd student or even parent that thanked me for the lessons learned or the fun homework that I devised which involved the whole family, this gave me back the energy and passion to carry on.


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