Digital Champions at KTH

At the Digital Learning unit at KTH, we have been wanting to find some….. what we call “Digital Champions”. Teachers that are using digital tools in their everyday work at KTH for best practice ideas to help our other faculty in their teaching methods. First of all the task was to create interviews for the website but being passionate about media and video storytelling I decided to work with our media production team to get some great video documentaries together.

The videos are less than 5 minutes long so as not bore the watching public.

Here is the first one with Maria Morgunova who has been involved in many an
E-learning project and talks about how she uses the new LMS tool in her courses.

Maria Morgunova

This next one is in Swedish, though you can click on the subtitles in the video player on YouTube to get the English text.

Introducing Lars Filipsson……. a maths teacher who loves using digital technology to help the students understand the mathematical questions he delivers in his face to face classroom and videos as preparation for the classroom activities


The third one is all about how Pernilla Ulfvengren who uses flipped classroom in her courses.


We are hoping these video stories will inspire faculty to start using digital technology in their classrooms.