My name is Madeleine Tucker Smith, I grew up in London and have been living here in Sweden for 27 years

In my current position at the Department of Learning in Engineering Sciences, I worka as an educational developer and help with the communication for the Department of Learning. In previous roles at the university i worked as a learning designer/Instructional designer and solved many issues for our faculty in using digital technologies in the classroom.
Under a partner contract between KTH and EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology), I worked as a project manager and Coach under contract from KTH to implement a digital learning strategy for them. The project team was based all over Europe, so communication and project management were done mostly online and worked successfully.

I have had many different roles and experiences with business strategies as a digital learning Manager, Marketing director in IT Corporate education and Partner Manager at a Software company.

My work values have been grounded from my London upbringing, so I like to get things done, take pride in my work and feel that I am of value to the company I work for.
When I left school I traveled the world for over 15 years doing various jobs to keep me afloat as my main passion was photography and surfing before I settled in Sweden. I re-educated myself with an Associate degree in Digital Pedagogy in 1999, Business Management at IHM and Project management certificates from various methodologies. I enjoy organising social events like a Pub Golf tournament I do every year in the Old Town for newly arrived Europeans to get to know each other and network.


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