I am a Londoner (well Chelsea/Fulham girl to be precise) that has been living here in Sweden for over 25 years now. My first job was leasing an ice cream van at 18 driving and parking outside the museums and any outside concerts (Reading Rock festival, Glastonbury). I would “banta” my way in, see some great bands for free and sell my ice cream, burgers & hot dogs to pay for my passion which in those days was surfing. Lots of stories, amazing countries, beaches & jobs later, which I am really going to have to write down one day, I came to Sweden to find my roots. My mother is Swedish so we (my sister & brother) used to come here some summers, all piled back in the Volvo PV with duvets, days without seatbelt safety, to visit our Mormor (Grandmother).

A lot of good memories, beautiful landscapes and fresh air brought me back to where I am today. I have a 22yr old son Lukas and one of those lovely little “falu” red houses out in the country where I spend a lot of time in the woods and growing vegetables after a hard days work with technology.



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