My background

My many different career paths and travelling escapades have included many a teaching post; my first was as a swimming teacher when I was 18, as it paid for my real passion, as a surfer. I studied the TEFL  (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher training course, which also came in handy on my travels to far off places and when coming to Sweden where jobs as my chosen profession at the time, a photographer, were few and far between. I taught English to adults in the evenings and during the day to teenagers at a Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) school where alternative teaching methods were welcomed much to my joy. My concept of learning in those days was based on activating the students with drama techniques and games for teaching English. 

In the late 90’s I did go back to Academia in Sweden and got a KY degree (a form of associate degree to meet the current competence needs) in Digital Pedagogy. I worked with blended learning and online learning at Karolinska Institute, supporting the teachers in communicating their research/courses to the student doctors with classroom activities with the latest technologies available which wasn’t many in those days.

I moved on from here to work for a software company, teaching customers on how to use the system by analysing their every day problems, and working as an international  Partner Manager later on.

An IT education company was my next challenge as a Marketing Director working on social media  and Ecommerce strategies with partners like Microsoft, IBM and Oracle a whole new world of corporate education was on the agenda. 

Today I work at KTH as a Business Manager for the Technology for Learning unit.